Apply for Terra Bella Colombia Technical Assistance

Types of Technical Assistance Supported

Projects that are selected to receive technical assistance will be provided direct and indirect (through implementing NGO partners) grants to assist projects in completing items on the checklist below, which are critical in demonstrating investment readiness.

  • Community/smallholder group engagement and formalization of governance and legal entity structures
  • Formalization of land tenure, including communal agreements
  • Capacity development to support governance as well as the financial and operational management of the smallholder entity
  • Studies and pilots to quantify the value chain potential from agricultural/NTFP production
  • Studies and support to quantify and develop greenhouse gas emissions reductions/removals
  • Creation of project implementation plans that detail the incorporation of livelihood Improvements, increased agricultural/NTFP production, and climate change mitigation strategies (linked to financial projections)
  • Development of benefit sharing and fund management plan for smallholder/community groups
  • Creation of financial projections for the duration of the project based in the implementation plan
  • Technical and legal support for negotiating investment terms with the Terra Bella Colombia Fund

How to Apply

Projects that wish to be considered for investment readiness technical assistance grant and a follow-on (reimbursable) investment from the Terra Bella Colombia Fund should complete the downloadable preapplication form (on left of this page) and submit all documents, information and data that are necessary to support the answer in the application.

Please send information package to