Remote Sensing and Land-use Change Specialist

Term:                  Full-time

Location:            San Francisco, CA, USA       -        Must possess a valid U.S. Work Visa

This position is responsible to the GIS, remote sensing land-use change analysis and technical aspects of methodology development, GHG accounting and business development. The preferred candidate must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in remote sensing/GIS and a good understanding of land-use change as used for GHG accounting or related field and is a self-starter with proven ability to work in a team setting while self-managing their deliverable schedule.


  • Execute the workflow of remote sensing analysis (data acquisition, re-projection, geometric correction, radiometric correction, classification, and map production)
  • Experience in using python to manipulate large raster datasets
  • Execute land-use change modeling and carbon accounting
  • Collect, generate and manage spatial data at project, regional and global scales
  • Conduct spatial analyses and produce maps to meet reporting requirements
  • Execute land-use change modeling and GHG accounting at site-based and jurisdictional scales
  • Contribute to developing biomass calculations associated with land-use change.
  • Review technical aspects of AFOLU GHG projects and programs and provide guidance to project developers regarding project typology, eligible methodologies and mechanics of carbon monitoring, reporting and verification
  • Function as Project Manager for multiple international consulting projects, including ensuring tasks remain under budget and on-schedule
  • Visit project sites in the U.S. and abroad, including developing countries, for data gathering and sharing, mapping and to collect ground-truthing data
  • Contribute to creation and review of carbon feasibility studies, Project Documents and Monitoring and Implementation Reports
  • Some basic system administration functions for company
  • Contribute to the development of proposals and budgets in response to grant opportunities, including background research and creation of content.

Educational and Experience Requirements

  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in the environment sector of GIS and Remote Sensing
  • BS in applied natural sciences such as forestry, ecology, natural resources, biogeochemistry with a very strong emphasis on GIS and MSc or PhD in remote sensing preferred
  • Intermediate/advanced proficiency with Python, Basic/Intermediate proficiency with Matlab and JavaScript
  • Experience with GHG market standards, guidelines and protocols
  • Excellent English writing and speaking skills
  • Experience working in an international environment, specifically in developing countries
  • Major course work in GIS analysis, remote sensing, and tropical forest systems
  • Fluency with the MS Office suite, including formatting in Word and advanced Excel skills.

Preferred Qualifications

  • In-depth knowledge of spatial web application development using MapServer, ArcGIS Flex API, Google Maps API
  • Thorough understanding of (geo-)statistics, including kriging and variogram analysis
  • Experience in the design, development and implementation of REDD+ or other land-use carbon projects
  • Field-level project implementation experience in a developing country
  • Experience training specifically in developing countries partners.
  • Professional speaking and writing skills in Spanish and/or French.
  • Strong understanding of AFOLU emission reduction development, especially REDD+
  • Passionate about working in the development and environmental sector


  • Organized, market focused and results-oriented
  • Able to work collaboratively in a team environment while self-managing deliverables
  • Ability and willing to travel aboard including developing countries
  • Understanding of cultural sensitivities associated with working in an international setting
  • Living in or willing to relocate to the SF Bay Area.


Interested candidates please send CV and cover letter to