Congo’s ER-PD for the Carbon Fund Completes In-country Review with Terra’s Support

Terra Global Capital
August, 2016

The TAP, consisting of experts from all over the world, held their first meeting in Brazzaville to review the Republic of the Congo's Emission Reduction Program Document (ER-PD). The ER-PD prepared by Terra and its partner GeoEcoMap was developed with CN-REDD (Based in the Ministry of Forest Economy and Sustainable Development, MEFDD) and World Bank and represents a critical step in Congo receiving an estimated $57.5 million of results-based payments. The ER-PD was assessed it against the criteria and indicators required under the Carbon Fund Methodological Framework. The TAP team described the carbon accounting components of the ER-PD as “being high quality draft ERPD, reflecting a strong in-country and international team.”

Some major findings included that that the general calculations were a scientifically sound, and that the overall document was well prepared, easy to read and was clear and transparent. Corrections, updates, and improvements will be made to the next draft of the ER-PD. Though the ER-PD will still need to complete final TAP review and Carbon Fund Participants review, this meeting shows that Congo-Brazzaville is moving forward to create a successful REDD+ Program and gain access to Carbon Fund results-based payment. This milestone meeting and valuable partnership between all parties involved shows that Congo-Brazzaville is committed to protecting nearly 12 million hectares of forests in the Northern districts of Likouala and Sangha, the largest REDD+ Program in the Carbon Fund pipeline.