Terra’s Expert Training at Korea Forest Service REDD+ Workshop

Terra Global Capital
March, 2017

Erica Meta Smith, a forester at Terra Global, was a key lecturer at the REDD+ training workshop at the National Institute of Forest Science in Seoul Korea in March. The Republic of Korea is a key donor investing in REDD+ and sustainable landscapes across a number of Southeast Asian counties. Terra provided expert training for a number of training sessions including, from practices on the ground to accessing climate finance.  The meeting, hosted by Korea Forest Service (KFS), was held to strengthen government capacity in REDD+ development and design.

KFS is an important supporter of REDD+ and is financing three REDD+ Projects in Southeast Asia including the Korea-Myanmar Joint REDD+ Program in the Bago Region of Myanmar. Terra’s work with Korea has focused on applying sound approaches to REDD+ program design, scaling and harmonizing REDD+ from site-based to national level activities, and the importance of community involvement in REDD+: making REDD+ truly work from the bottom up. As partner for the Korea- Myanmar Joint REDD+ Program, Terra provided a review of the social aspects of the Program providing guidance on the incorporation of social needs as identified by social assessments and in the design of activities and the engagement of communities.

The KFS offers a unique perspective on sustainable development as Korea both successfully conserved their forest resources and is using that expertise and donor funds assist other countries in the region to do the same. Korea’s distinctive outlook helps shape a cultural understanding on the importance of REDD+.