Terra Celebrates 10 Years of Passion and Persistence for People and the Planet

Terra Global Capital
August, 2016

Last month, Terra Team Members from across the country came together to celebrate and reflect on the last decade of work dedicated to facilitating market and results-based payment approaches for forest and agriculture climate change mitigation programs that deliver community benefits. The Team took the day to get out and enjoy our beautiful backyard with a ferry ride across the San Francisco Bay and a hike on Angel Island (known as the “Ellis Island of the West”). Even in the absence of clear regulatory support for emission reductions from sustainable landscape management over the last 10 years, Terra’s mission and passion has not waivered and we continue to work to make a lasting impact on fighting climate change and improving the livelihoods of the most disadvantaged communities around the world. 
Terra has a lot to celebrate; in the last ten years we have: 

  • Validated and verified two of the World’s three VCS and CCB Triple Gold tagged programs
  • Reduced deforestation in over 750,0000 hectares of the global forests
  • Verified estimated emission reductions over the 30-year project life equal to taking 3.1 million vehicles off the road for a full year.
  • Engaged and improved the livelihoods of 75,000 households (roughly 365,000 people) across the globe
  • Introduced off-the-grid solar and micro credit to communities with the lowest electrification rate in the world
  • Lead North American agriculture and rangeland protocols efforts, engaging farmers and ranchers to better manage their lands 
  • Become truly “Global”—opening offices in Colombia and Guatemala.

It has been a busy and rewarding ten years in business and we still have so much more to accomplish!