Terra CEO Durschinger meets Colombian President Iván Duque in San Francisco

Terra Global Capital
July, 2019

Terra Global’s CEO, Leslie Durschinger had the opportunity to meet with Colombian President Iván Duque as well as the Ambassador Francisco Santos Calderón during their visit to San Francisco to meet the directors of venture capital funds.  Their visit was aimed to attract greater financial resources to the Colombian ecosystem. President Duque expressed interest in a model like the Terra Bella Colombia Fund which through private sector investments can advance his agenda including, expanding exports, shifting from illegal economies to legal economies, and increasing jobs/incomes.  Durschinger also had the opportunity to meet with Bruce Mac Master the president of National Association of Businessmen of Colombia (ANDI). 

These contacts are very important for Terra Global in attracting the support to launch the Terra Bella Colombia Fund. The Fund creates substantial income growth through investing in smallholder agricultural groups that grow crops in and around forest areas, to increase yields and improve post-harvest processing which allows them to capture more of the value chain. The Fund jointly finances scaling sustainable production of crops and forest management to reduce deforestation and degradation as well as increase tree cover. This produces a second income stream of carbon credits that are sellable into Colombia’s new carbon market, a rapidly growing market offering new return opportunities for investors and communities.  These investments directly promote the agenda of Colombia’s president and help Colombia deliver on its climate change goals.