Terra Global Capital Wins CIG Grant

Terra Global Capital
December, 2014

Terra Global has led the development of the first rice growers in adopting market standard for low emission rice has partnered with the White River Irrigation District (WRID), University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE), USDA-Agricultural Research Service –Jonesboro AR (ARS) who will support grower engagement and integration of field based sensors. Our other partners include the American Carbon Registry (ACR), and SCS Global Services (SCS) who will provide input and validation of our proposed measures to determine what the necessary market protocols and verification requirements and whether the proposed measures are feasible. Our software development partner is Tivix, who has developed the current growers front-end and Mars will work with Terra Global on a proof-of-concept with rice buyers for a low carbon footprint rice and/or sustainably produced label.

This multi-user system will be designed to meet market standards and allow for the efficient aggregation of GHG reduction activities. This will generate incremental on-farm income from the sale of carbon credits through adoption of conservation practices and will explore ways to promote “sustainable rice” with buyers. The economics of participating in markets is also highly influenced by the number of growers and fields that are aggregated into one project and verified under market standards. The CIG projects goals include:

  1. Lowering the costs of monitoring and verification achieved through the integration of data from remote and field-based sensors and other grower supplied data into the web-based platform
  2. Increasing adoption rates for low emission rice practices by adding new rice growers to the program to verify emission reductions and,
  3. Establishing proof-of-concept for processes and certification to allow growers to supply branded “low-carbon footprint” or “sustainably produced” rice.