Who We Are

Founded in 2006, Terra Global is a woman-run, women-owned for-profit social enterprise and small business. Terra Global's mission is to facilitate financially, socially and environmentally sustainable forestry and agricultural land management practices. Terra Global is now the leader in sustainable forest and agriculture program development, land-use greenhouse gas quantification and finance, and providing technical expertise and investment capital to their global client base in a collaborative and innovative manner. As a group Terra Global has more global experience generating positive social and environmental outcomes from sustainable landscape management working with its community and government partners. Terra Global has extensive developing country and U.S. experience as a leading developer of quantification and monitoring protocols of the environmental outcomes from a full range of agricultural and forest management practices.

Terra Global brings multi-disciplinary strengths to serve our global client and investor base:

  • Sector leader in science-drive quantification of ecosystem services from forest and agriculture practices
  • Specialized expertise in building the business case for sustainable landscapes
  • Proven experience implementing from design through operational delivery
  • Successful outcomes that leverage local and international partners
  • Innovation through our multidisciplinary teams in science, natural resource management, rural development and finance
  • Global portfolio of projects with governments, donors, community groups, NGO and private sector
  • Terralytics software platform that streamlines and optimizes management and monitoring.

Terra Global’s approach employs transparency, accountability, and collaboration to deliver on our three key principles;

  • Practical solutions that are responsive and pragmatic
  • Innovation and financial structuring that bridge the gap between concessional and commercial approaches
  • A "one team" culture with partners to leverage a diverse pool of talents across multiple geographies and technical disciplines.

Each year Terra Global verifies the GHG emissions from the company's operations using international standards and purchases verified emission reductions to become carbon neutral.