Who We Are

Terra Global was founded in 2006 to facilitate market and results-based payment approaches for forest and agriculture climate change mitigation programs that provide community benefits. Terra Global is now the leader in forest and agriculture program development, land-use greenhouse gas quantification, and finance, providing technical expertise and investment capital to their global client base in a collaborative and innovative manner. As a group, Terra Global has more global experience in climate change mitigation from landscape management than any other entity and is committed to working with its community and government partners to sustainably manage their forest and agricultural lands. Terra Global has extensive developing country experience and is the leading developer of protocols and aggregation for GHG emissions reductions from a full range of agricultural activities in the United States.

Terra Global brings multi-disciplinary strengths to serving our global client and investor base:

  • Sector Leader in the Agriculture and Forestry Climate Change Mitigation
  • Promoting Innovation through Our Multidisciplinary Science, Natural Resource Management, Rural Development and Finance Teams
  • Well Known and Highly Respected by Global Client Base of Governments, Community Associations and NGOs
  • Proven Experience in Managing Projects and Programs that Create High Quality Environmental Assets with Multiple Benefits
  • Largest Globally Diverse Pipeline of Projects and Programs
  • Proprietary Terralytics Web-based IT Solution

Terra Global’s approach employs transparency, accountability, and collaboration to deliver on our three key principles; delivering practical solutions that are responsive, pragmatic, and innovative; commitment to bringing insight and innovation to catalyze the intersection between concessional and commercial approaches and; bringing a "one team" culture when working with a diverse pool of talent across multiple geographies and technical disciplines.